Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Parent Connection January 19th

“…we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’.” – Acts 20:35b

It’s been a few weeks now since Christmas, and we are back into our normal routines. During the holidays many take the opportunity to take stock of the many blessings God has given them during the past year. Certainly this is something we should do on a daily basis, but the holidays give us a real opportunity to break from our busy schedules to focus on blessings.
            Sometimes, however, people celebrate “getting” rather than “giving”. We focus on saying thank you while enjoying our bounty, but forget that God gives us gifts to share.
            With the thawing and refreezing typical of this time of year, you may notice icicles growing steadily from roofs. An interesting thing about icicles: They give to grow. For an icicle to grow longer, the water dripping down from the roof has to run to the very point of the icicle. Typically most of it drips off, but a small amount freezes to the end. This constant dripping, while retaining a small amount, slowly grows the icicle into a long and beautiful structure. If the icicle was “selfish” and froze all of the water to itself instantly, it would get wider and fatter, but it would not grow.
            May God help us to remember to take the opportunity to share the gifts we have with those in need. This next week we celebrate our 100th day of school. The students of Faith Lutheran are taking an opportunity to collect items to bless those in need from the ages of 0 to 100. I encourage your family to participate with whatever you are able to donate. You may be able to help with one project, or with all of them. Whatever you are able to provide, be it a little or a lot, we encourage your family to take this opportunity to “help the weak”. As we share the many blessings God has given us through our family, our school, our churches, and our community, we grow as well. By following God’s encouragement to share not only our treasure, but our time and talents to help others as well, our faith and trust in the Lord can be grow, and by giving, we receive.
Thank you God, for your many blessings. Help us to use your gifts to bless those around us. Amen

God bless your week,
-Principal Schneck

Co-ed Volleyball continues this week for boys and girls in grades 5-8.
Practice is Tuesday, January 19th at Taku Lake Elementary. There is no Thursday practice this week.

Junior Choir meets this week on Wednesday, January 20th at 12:20 p.m.

Jr. Choir sings this Sunday, January 24th at Faith.  Service is at 10:30, please be here by 10:15.

Handchime choir meets this week on Thursday, January 21st  at 12:30 p.m.

PTF Hot Lunch this week – Chicken Strips! Please see the attached slip. Parents are welcome to join us for lunch!

You are invited to join us for our weekly school chapel service this Thursday, January 21st, from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. This week Pastor Hackmann from Peace, Eagle River will present a devotion on 1 John 4:10. Families and friends are invited to come and join us in starting our day with the Lord.

Spelling Bee
Our school spelling bee takes place this Wednesday in the fellowship hall. The students in grades K-2 will have their own classroom competitions, while finalists from grades 3-8 will compete in the school bee at 1:00 p.m. Parents are invited to attend.  The finalists are: Cody Boswell, Josh Henry, Ella Anton, Saraya Hegerberg, Megan Lillo, Joshua Lillo, Caleb Lillo, Eli Corwin, Olivia Zanto, Taylon Robichaux, Emma Robbert, and Lexi Klebs.  Cara Ewings, a 5 time Faith Lutheran School Spelling Bee Champ and 1998 Alaska State Champion will be announcing the bee.

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