Monday, December 11, 2017

Parent Connection December 11

Which Disturbs You Most?
          Let’s play a little game today. It’s called, “What disturbs you most?”
          What disturbs you most, a soul lost in hell, or a scratch on your new car? A sermon that is ten minutes too long, or a lunch served half an hour late? Your Bible left unread or your daily newspaper unread, or maybe your Facebook feed unread?  Does it bother you more that your nation is in debt, or that your church is in debt? Is it worse for you to miss a Bible class, or to miss your favorite team’s game? Which disturbs you most, missing a day of work, or missing an Advent or Christmas service? Missing the Lord’s Supper, or missing your favorite television show or movie? Good questions, aren’t they? How do I answer them? For what am I living, what is my goal?
          Certainly we have to live and work in this world. We have to use money and investments. Those are the means God has given us to use for our livelihood. We have to use them but not let them use us. Misuse of earthly goods can only rob us of the heavenly treasures God has prepared for us. More valuable by far is the salvation God has prepared for us in Christ. More durable by far is the heaven He has waiting for us. More valuable by far is the effort to be rich in Christ and His Word. That is the only way to live for eternity. Jesus says, “Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will not be exhausted.” Luke 12:33. 

Handchimes Choir
          In preparation for the Children’s Christmas Service, we will be practicing twice this week, Tuesday, December 12th and Thursday, December 14th. 
          We will also be playing during this Wednesday’s 3:00pm Advent service.

Advent Services
          We invite you to join us and your children as we celebrate the Advent season at Faith.  We will have special worship services on December 13th and 20th at 3:00pm to close out the school day.  These services will last a little more than half an hour.  Students will be dismissed for the day at the end of the service.  Please pick up your students through the main church entrance instead of the school entrance.

Hot Lunch
Hot lunch will be Thursday, December 14th.  This month’s hot lunch will be prepared by Christopher Robbert.  Christopher is a graduate of Faith and has just returned from training in the Alaska National Guard. Thank you Christopher!
The cost is $4 and the menu is:
Chicken Nuggets
French Fries
Parents are welcome to join your student for lunch. 

Help Needed
          Mr. Z. is looking for someone with a truck to help him pick up the pieces for the stage after school Thursday from Party World Rentals at 3810 Arctic Blvd.  These are 4’x8’ panels.  He also needs you to help take them back Saturday morning.
Children’s Christmas Service
          Our school Christmas service, “From Heaven Above to Earth I Come,” will be held this Friday, December 15th at 6:30pm in Faith’s Fellowship Hall.  This is a mandatory school function. All FLS students are expected to be present for this opportunity to present the good news of our Savior!
          Students need to wear their best church clothes such as dresses, dress pants, button-up shirts, etc.  Please no jeans or t-shirts.
          Students should meet in the following locations at 6:15pm:
·         Handchime Choir:  Fellowship Hall
·         Preschool:  Preschool room
·         Kindergarten:  Kindergarten room
·         1st – 4th:  Spare classroom
·         5th – 8th:  Spare classroom

Bake Sale
Thank you to all those who stopped by the bake sale and to those who donated the yummy items.  We had an exceptional bake sale this year raising over $850 to support our school.  What a blessing to have such a supportive community for this school!

          With the year nearly half over, this is a reminder to create your yearbook account at so you can upload pictures, personalize your child’s pages in the front, and buy your books.  A reminder email was also sent to all parents with a link to the website.  We can’t be at all of the events so it helps when parents upload their pictures.  It is important to us that every child has their picture in the yearbook.  Together, we can make our yearbook a success.

Performing at the Dimond Center

          K-8 students will be singing and playing handchimes at the Dimond Center Tuesday, December 19th at 1:30pm.  We are looking for five parents who would be willing to drive students to and from the Dimond Center.  Please see the attached permission slip for more information.

Meet Your Teachers Monday
The answer to last week’s Meet Your Teacher trivia question was Mrs. Koenig. Congratulations to Kennedy M. for guessing the correct answer!  Make sure to check the school’s Facebook page for this week’s question.

December Birthdays
We would like to wish these students God’s richest blessings on their upcoming birthdays:
Elin F. - December 25th
Kathrin K. - December 27th 
Ryan T. – December 31th

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