Monday, September 12, 2016

Parent Connection September 12th

Where were you fifteen years ago yesterday?
It doesn’t seem that long ago, does it? The pictures are still etched in our memories, the tower on fire, the second plane flying into the second tower. The black smoke filled the bright blue September sky. Then the horror of seeing first one tower crumble to the ground, only to be followed by the second tower. The grayish dust that billowed through Manhattan covering the ground, the vehicles, the buildings, and the people; both those running away from the catastrophe and those running toward it.
It was a very chaotic time in the history of our nation. People were worried about many things, many felt helpless or even hopeless. I imagine that people at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack may have felt the same way. You never expect something like that to happen so you are never prepared when it does. That is part of the reason that terrorists attack in this way, the shock factor is what they are after.
Jesus warns us about an event that is going to be much more destructive than any terrorist attack. This event is going to affect the whole world and everyone in the world. When Jesus returns to earth as he has promised, heaven and earth will be destroyed. Every person alive at that time, along with all those who have ever lived on earth, will be brought before the Judge where the verdict will be revealed before all. The verdict will be final, there will be no appeals process. The guilty will be sentenced to hell for eternity. Those declared not guilty will be welcomed into heaven to live with God forever.
Therefore, we ought be ready for that day to come. The Lord tells us how to be ready for this day. In Matthew 24:35 he says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” The only thing certain in this world is God’s Word. The only thing that can save us is God’s Word. May God grant us a willingness to learn his word and share it with our families!

Chapel Services
          The theme for chapel on Thursday is: “Jesus teaches the greatest commandment.” The coffee selection this week is Silverhook Kodiak blend.

Cross Country State Meet
            The ACSAA State Cross Country Meet will be this Saturday, September 17, beginning at 10:00 A.M. at Abbott Loop Park.

Spirit Days
            To show our support for our cross country team, we are having some special dress up days this week. On Wednesday, we will encourage the children to wear miss-matched clothing (2 different shoes, clashing colors, etc.). Thursday will be class color day:
Grades 1-4-Blue
Grades 5-8-Orange
Friday will be school colors day: wear something teal or gold.

Junior Choir
          The Junior Choir will sign in church this Sunday, September 18. They will be singing the first song of the service so parents please be here on time!

Pick Up- Drop Off    

Please be aware of children, your own and others, when dropping off and picking up before and after school. Be aware of traffic flow in the parking lot. Please enter the lot from the East entry and leave by the West exit. If you wish to just drop off your child, please drop them off at the CHURCH entrance and have them walk back to the school entrance in order to keep the corner clear, or park in the lot and walk your children in, especially if you have little ones. Please also maintain control of your children in the lot, and BUCKLE LITTLE ONES IN before you take a minute to visit with other parents. Let’s all work together to avoid accidents and keep our children safe!

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