Monday, September 19, 2016

Parent Connection September 19th

Some of you know that I like to go fishing once in a while. I’m not as avid a fisherman as some people are but I do enjoy some quality time sitting by, or on, a lake trying to convince a fish or two to bite my bait or lure. I also enjoy eating those fish that succumb to my offering and get reeled in.
          Sometimes it can be hard finding just the right offering to get that fish to bite. It is frustrating to be able to see the fish swimming around the bait, or lure, without taking a bite. And it is hard to catch a fish legally if they don’t take the bait.
          There is another fisherman in this world looking to harvest some unsuspecting prey. He knows his prey very well, he studies them and keeps careful records of their likes and dislikes. He has a tackle box full of different lures and baits that he has used for years and years. He changes the lures a little bit, maybe a little fresh paint or polish, maybe a different scent, and he always keeps his hooks sharp. This fisherman is Satan and we are the fish that he is after.
          What is his favorite lure for you? What bait does he know is something you have a hard time resisting? Remember he knows you and he knows exactly what lure to use at this particular time in your life. He also knows that his fishing season is short, he has to catch us before the season runs out and he can’t fish anymore.
We need to stand firmly in God’s Word so that we recognize Satan’s temptations and resist them. “Brothers, stand firm, and hold onto the teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter.” 2 Thess. 2:15.

 September 30th School Dismissed at Noon
Classes will be dismissed at noon on the 30th for teacher in-service.  There will be no aftercare.

School Drop Off
          Reminder you may drop off your student at 8:10, before then they must go into before care in the fellowship hall.

Cross country
          Saturday was the state meet for ACSAA. There were three schools represented for the races. Caleb Lillo ran for Faith. He placed second in his division. Congratulations to him. Hopefully, he will have a few companions to run with him next year.

          I am sending permission slips home for basketball this week. I haven’t gotten any confirmation from any gyms yet. Hopefully, we will be able to start practice on Thursday, September 22. If not we will shoot for next Tuesday, September 27.

          I forgot to put Isaac Moua’s birthday in last week’s newsletter. Sorry about that Isaac, I hope you had a wonderful day.
          Birthdays this week:
Landon and Quinton Gartman
          God’s richest blessing on your birthday!

School pictures
          On October 4th Alaska Focus will be at school taking individual and class photos. Be sure your student is in attendance that day!  Students do not have to wear the school uniform on picture day.

School Paperwork
          Our secretary is busy reviewing student’s files.  Parents please be sure to check for paperwork being sent home today and tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience while the office was in limbo during the construction.

Emergency Kits
Parents please send back an emergency kit for your student.
If an emergency such as an earthquake or other disaster would occur, plans and material supplies are in place to provide for the safety and security of our students, as well as first aid and extended care in the event that students cannot be immediately picked up by their parents.
In order to help us in this, we ask each family to prepare a small “comfort kit” for your child, with small items to provide comfort and to help keep them occupied and calm in an emergency situation. Use a small zip-lock bag. Pack your child’s comfort kit with a card containing your child’s name and contact information and other small items for your child’s comfort.  Suggestions include a non-perishable snack (like a granola bar), a pair of knit gloves, a family picture, a small toy, and a letter to your child.
Comfort kits can be brought to your child’s teacher at any time, and will be returned at the end of the school year.


All households should have received log in instructions for the Educate program.  Please log in to your account and make any changes you need to the alert section.  If you are not able to log in, please contact the office.

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