Monday, January 23, 2017

Parent Connection January 23rd

I Walk In Danger all The Way
Last night before I headed home, I took a few moments to knock down some of the icicles hanging from the eaves of the church. Some of them had grown large enough that they made quite a thud when they hit the ground after being smacked several times by my pole. As I worked at getting these icicles down, I thought of how many children walked under these very icicles without thinking of the danger they could present for them. I’m not expecting these to fall by themselves but I know some boys who would try to knock them down by themselves without giving thought to the possibility of what could go wrong. And I know they would want to get the biggest icicle they could find.
          In reality, each of these children face real danger each day and like the situation with the icicles, they may not realize the danger they are in. That is why God has put us parents in charge of their training. We need to carefully supervise those He has placed in our care. Having already gone through many of these same dangers in our lives, we need to warn our children of the dangers they don’t see as dangers.
          The greatest danger in their lives, and ours, is Satan. We need to focus our training on our greatest enemy. He is so sneaky and beguiling, and his power is great. But our God is more powerful, and Jesus has defeated Satan. We still walk in danger every day because Satan still tempts us constantly. Jesus is with us every day to strengthen us against the temptations.
          When we do fall into sin, we need to remember that we can go to God, confess our sins, and ask for his forgiveness. After Satan has tempted us, he likes to accuse us and tells us that God could never forgive such a terrible sin. God is always ready to forgive, Satan is lying to us. Always turn to the Lord in every situation. He loves you.

Early Dismissal
          This Friday, January 27th school will dismiss at noon for teacher in-service.  No aftercare will be provided.

Spelling Bee
          Faith Lutheran spelling bee will be held on Wednesday at 1:15pm.

Making Life Better
          One of our goals at Faith Lutheran for you and for your family is to make your life better.  We want to make your life better by assuring you that your children are getting a quality, well-rounded education.  We strive for excellence not only academically but, as a Christian school, it is our earnest desire to help your child grow spiritually as well. Because of this, we want you to know what your children will be learning and what the Lutheran Church believes, teaches and confesses.   It’s with this in mind that I would like to invite you to a class entitled “Making Life Better”.
The entire course consists of three parts: Reviewing the Past, Changing the Present and Transforming the Future.  We would like to extend an invitation to you for the first five lessons.  We will meet on Monday evenings from 6:30-7:30 beginning tonight, January 23rd.  You are more than welcome to stay for the final two parts over the following weeks as well. 

PTF Meeting
          Our next Parent, Teacher, Friend meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 26th.  We will be discussing a Spaghetti Feed, hot lunches, and more.  If the weather conditions make driving hazardous we will reschedule for the following week.  Please check your email for an update.

Volleyball Practice
          Volleyball practice continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:00 – 5:30 at APU. The Huskies play their next games this Friday at Lumen Christi beginning at 4:00pm.
          Parents, we would like to get the players to practice and games without having to use the van.  If you can help please contact Miss Snyder at 920-253-5336 or Sheila Lillo at 907-229-7901.
          Here is the current schedule of games, exact times to be determined.

January 27th – 4:00pm @ Lumen Christi
February 3rd – 4:30pm @ Valley Baptist
          Tabernacle (hosted by Wasilla Lake)
February 10th – 4:30 @ Valley Baptist
February 17th-18th – Tournament @ Lumen

Supplies Needed

Cold season is upon us!  Please bring a box or two of tissues for your child’s class.

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