Thursday, November 2, 2017

Parent Connection November 1

          To a certain extent, I think that our lives are controlled by signs. Certainly, while driving we need to be aware of and obey all of those triangular, rectangular, square, and octagonal signs along the roadway. We need to pay attention to those flashing signs, too. Pedestrians do well to obey those signs placed there for their protection.
          There are other types of signs which we would do well to heed also. Minor aches and pains could be signs of bigger problems in the future. Dimming eyesight could be a sign of a cataract or other malady.
          At the time when Jesus was on earth, the Pharisees asked him to perform a miraculous sign to prove he was the Messiah. Jesus knew their hearts and told them that the only sign he would give them was the sign of Jonah. Just as Jonah was in the great fish for three days and nights, Jesus would be in the belly of the earth for three days and nights. He continued to tell them that the people of Nineveh, the people to whom Jonah preached, would stand in judgment against this generation because they had repented when Jonah preached to them. Now someone greater than Jonah had come; but they would not believe. They could have seen the signs all around them but they refused to believe.
          What about us? There are signs of the times all around us. They tell us that Jesus is coming back to destroy this world and to take those who belong to him home with him. Dare we not heed the signs and prepare ourselves for that Day? The only way to be prepared for that day is to have faith in your heart, believe that Jesus is your Savior and you will be saved.

Basketball Schedule
·         Nov. 2 Anchor Lutheran at The Center   4:00pm Girls 5:00pm Boys
·         Nov. 7  at Birchwood                  4:00pm Girls 5:00pm Boys
·         Nov. 9 at Peters Creek Christian            4:30pm Coed
·         Nov. 21 at Birchwood                 4:00pm Girls 5:00pm Boys
Thank you!
          Thank you to all those who volunteered and donated for the Trunk or Treat!  We had a spectacular turn out from the community.

K-4 Field Trip
          Kindergarten through 4th grade will be going to see Journey to Oz at the Alaska Jr. Theater tomorrow, November 2nd.  They will leave school at 9:25am and return around 11:30am.

Library trip
          The fifth through eighth grade will be going to the library on Friday, November 3, 2017. Our next book will be a fiction book, preferably science fiction or fantasy. We will also be going out to lunch. 

Set Your Clocks Back
          Daylight Saving time ends at 2am Sunday morning.  Before you go to bed Saturday night, remember to set your clocks back one hour. 

Spirit Wear
The deadline to order t-shirts and sweatshirts is Monday, Nov 6th.  If you need an order form, they are located in the box by the office door.

Insect Invasion
Toddlers to 4th graders and their parents are invited to come and explore the wonders of God’s creation with devotion, crafts, and snacks on Saturday, November 4th, 10:00am - 12:00pm at Faith.   

PTF Meeting
          Join us on November 8th at 7pm for the next PTF meeting.  We will be planning spring activities and a Christmas bake sale.

Parent’s Night Out
          Drive In Movie Night – Friday, November 10th, 6:00-9:00pm.  Parents can drop off their preschool (potty-trained, please) through 8th graders for a night out.  Movie goers will decorate a “car” then enjoy a movie and movie-time snacks.  There is a signup sheet in the school hallway beside the water fountain.
          If you have boxes big enough to make “cars” with, please drop them by Ms. Snyder’s classroom.

Lost and Found
          There was a school uniform skirt size 8 left in the Fellowship Hall last Thursday, October 26th.  If this is your student’s, please pick it up in the office.

Meet Your Teachers Monday
The answer to last week’s Meet Your Teacher trivia question was Mrs. Tegen. Congratulations to Connor Klebs for guessing the correct answer!  Make sure to check the school’s Facebook page for this week’s question.

November Birthdays
God’s richest blessings on your birthday!
          Evangeline G.         11/24

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