Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Parent Connection November 27

Are you packed and ready?
          Whenever we plan to go away for a day or two, we have to pack those things we will need for those days.  Inevitably, I get the feeling that I forgot some important item that will turn out being crucial to the success of the trip.  After all my frequent trips over the years, that feeling has not gone away.  Now, I just think that if I have forgotten something, it must not have been that important.
          What I pack will be different depending what the trip is and how long I will be gone.  There are different things to remember if I’m going to a two-day conference or a week-long float trip down a wilderness river.  If I forgot something for the conference, it might be easy to replace at the local store.  But if I’m out in the wilderness, there is no way to replace what you forgot and I better be ready to do without that item for the rest of the trip.
          What about packing for Christ’s return?  When He returns, there will be no time to jump out of bed and reach for the suitcase.  When the only Savior of sinners stands at the door of my life, it won’t work for me to say, “Just a minute while I pack!” I need to be ready before He comes, or I will never be ready when He does come.  Now, while my heart still beats and this world still turns, is packing time for the trip into eternity.
          So what do I need in my suitcase?  What should I not forget?  Only one item – Christ Jesus!  This requires constant packing and regular use of the Gospel in Word and Sacrament which the Holy Spirit uses to keep the Savior packed in my heart.

If He comes suddenly, do not let Him find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’ “ Mark 13:36-37.

Basketball Schedule
·         Tuesday, Nov. 28, 3:45-5:30pm at APU
·         Thursday, Nov. 30, Boys’ Tournament Game (Time TBD) at Birchwood
·         Friday, Dec. 1, Girls’ Tournament Game (Time TBD) at Birchwood
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we need a volunteer to help get players to and from practice and games this week.  If you are available, please speak with Mr. Z.

Fees for the basketball tournament:
Adults (18+)                              $5.00/day
Students (6-17)                          $3.00/day
Children (5 & under)                   Free
Seniors (62+)                             $1.00/day
Family pass (3 or more people)    $15.00/day
(Admission fees cover the cost of the gym.)

Handchimes Choir
          We will be practicing at 12:30pm tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 28 because of the field trip on Thursday. 

Spirit Week
Help us cheer on our basketball teams for their tournament by dressing up for spirit week.
          Tuesday:  Tie Dye Day
          Wednesday:  Backwards Day
          Thursday:  Athletic Apparel Day
          Friday:  School Color (Teal & Gold) Day

Do your best to dress in the theme for the day.  If you decide not to participate, you should wear your school uniform.

Chapel Offering Update
          The chapel offerings for the first eleven weeks of the school year totaled $583.61. A check in that amount will be presented to the Klebs family for their use in memory of their son, Gavin.
          The offerings for the next eleven weeks will be directed to Christians Forward-Southeast Asia. This group has provided medical aid to 7,600 patients in Southeast Asia. Along with the humanitarian aid, they also share the Gospel with their patients.

K-8 Field Trip
          Kindergarten through 8th grade will be taking a bus to see A Very Electric Christmas at the PAC this Thursday, November 30th.  

Bake Sale
Start looking through your recipes.  On December 7th, PTF will host a bake sale.  This sale is for homemade, edible goods.  This could be cookies, cakes, jellies, breads, or any other items you make. The items will be available for sale starting at noon on the 7th and continuing until 4:00pm.  If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact Sheila Lillo by cell at 907-229-790.

 Mark your Calendars
PTF will host a dinner with a silent auction on February 23rd.  Please mark your calendars.  This dinner will be free will donation.  If you have any items to donate for the silent auction, or would like to help with coordinating the dinner, please contact Sheila Lillo by cell at 907-229-7901. 

Boxes of Tissues
With the colder weather comes runny noses.  Please consider bringing a box or two of tissues for your student’s classroom.

Meet Your Teachers Monday

The answer to last week’s Meet Your Teacher trivia question was Pastor Ewings. Congratulations to Emma Robbert for guessing the correct answer!  Make sure to check the school’s Facebook page for this week’s question.

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