Monday, November 7, 2016

Parent Connection November 7th

Extra hour?
          So how did you spend your bonus hour this weekend? Did you very judiciously plan out how to get the most out of your extra sixty minutes? Did you just sleep away that extra time like many? Or did you squander those extra three thousand, six hundred seconds? Or might you be wondering why I’m so curious about something as insignificant as one hour?
          How precious is your time? Maybe a better question is how precious is the time that God has granted each of us? We call it our “time of grace”. God has given each of us our lifetime for us to come to faith in him and to serve him, our time to experience his grace, his love for us. So how precious is this time? None of us knows how much time we have been allotted by our heavenly Father. We may have many years ahead of us or only a few weeks, days, or hours.
          The psalmist David said, “But I trust in you, O Lord; I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hands.”  Psalm 31:14-15. We know that God is in control of all things and has promised to make all things work for our good. He is working for us to arrive in heaven when our time here is finished. Let us remember how precious this time is and ask our God to help us use his time wisely.

Parents’ Night Out
          This Friday, Nov. 11, we will be holding a parents’ night out. Please sign up on the hall signup sheets near your child’s classroom. Parents may drop their children off for a fun evening.  Kids will enjoy an evening with snacks, a movie and a craft.  The theme is “Drive In Theater”.  This is sponsored by PTF, free will donations will be accepted at the door.  Children must be potty trained to attend.  Contact Leah Snyder to volunteer or for more information.

School Picture
          On Thursday, November 10th we will be taking a photo of the entire student body.  Elementary students must wear their blue uniform shirt.  Preschool students, will wear a black shirt.

Mock Elections
          FLS will hold mock a presidential election on Tuesday.  Help your student choose a candidate by discussing the election with them.

Basketball this week:
          We have practice on Tuesday and Thursday. We also have a game on Wednesday, Nov. 9th, against Birchwood at Birchwood. The boys’ game will begin at 4:00pm with the girls’ game to follow.  Go Huskies!

Insect Invasion
November 19th, 10:00 – Noon for toddlers to 12 year olds and their parents. The morning will have activities, snacks, devotion, and crafts.  Contact Melissa Mittelstadt for more information.

Faith Gear
This is your last chance to order your Faith gear! Orders must be place by Wednesday. Contact the office if you have any questions or need help with your order.

Junior Choir
Junior Choir will be singing at Faith on November 27th at 10:30.  This will be the rededication service for the school.  Singers will need to wear their choir uniforms.

Library Trip
          Mr. Z’s class will be going to the library on Wednesday.  Please gather all books to be returned.

          Thank you to all those who participated in the Math-a-thon program this year. Our goal is to raise $500.00 for this cause. Thank you!

Brrrrr…It Is Cold Outside
          Parents, be sure your student is bringing proper winter gear to school.  Students enjoy their time outside when they can keep warm and dry with hats, gloves, winter coat, boots, and snow pants.

Thanksgiving Food Drive
          We have so much to be thankful for!  This is the time of year to share our blessings with those in need.         Faith Lutheran School will be assembling bags for those less fortunate.  You may begin bringing these items next week.  Items we will include in the bags are:
·         small water bottle
·         small cans of pop-top food such as beans or Vienna sausages
·         dried fruit
·         beef jerky    
·         individual packages of hot cocoa mix, tea, and coffee
·         small packages of nuts or trail mix
·         socks (adult size)
·         mittens
·         hand warmers
·         travel size toiletries
·         toothbrushes and toothpaste
·         lip balm
November Hot Lunch
          November hot lunch is on November 17th.  This lunch is provided by the PTF.  We ask that your student bring a donation item for our bag drive mentioned above.  The lunch will be ham, mac n’ cheese, green beans, rolls and pie.  If you would like to donate any of the lunch items, help with food prep or serving contact Sheila at 229-7901.

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